This movie is about us and for us. We stand united, so please join in for whatever you can. We have the power to change the human climate as we know it, to make sure that the tragedies of SANTO 7.13.15. never get a chance to propagate out of our own control. I have the power, and you have the power. Let’s make history.

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          A feature length science fiction movie peeling the skin off one of mankind’s greatest serpents: GMO.   SANTO 7.13.15. is our way of filmically communicating the dangers of GMO in our future. Moviegoers can simultaneously escape reality while learning more about our current reality and its potential pitfalls in our future reality.

We passionately want to make a feature length dystopian futuristic movie with GMO as the backdrop, as this is a subject we believe deserves more attention. We are extremely confident our film will call forth as much.

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